On the 31st of august was presented EmpatiAR, an XR project created for Mittelfest Festival. Multimedia installation in augmented reality Artist Massimo De Mattia, composition – flutes 360 Cinematic VR Antonio Giacominaudio footage Gianluca La Boriamixing and mastering Stefano Amerioartistic direction Luca A. d’Agostinoproduction: Mittelfest 2020 with Fluido.it, Artesuono Recording Studio, Phocus Agency https://www.mittelfest.org/2020-empathy-archive/empatiar-mittelfest-cividale-digital

Live streaming with the “mobile” setup at the Carnival in Muggia. The setup has flat and 360 video recording. All the videos are visible on www.carnevaldemuja.com

360 video and photo shooting at the warehouse where the carnival floats are built.