Live streaming fo the event Technology Forum: Live Sciences orginized at Area Science Park in Trieste by the Ambrosetti European Forum

Live streaming from the Teatro Miela in Trieste on YouTube and Facebook.

Live streaming for the zonal meeting for ZKB bank in Opicina (Trieste). This year due to the COVID-19 restriction the Zadružna Kraška Banka based in Trieste and Gorizia opted for a live streaming for the annual members meeting. It was the first time for the Slovenian community bank and it was covered also by the local newspaper


May 2020


21h 42m 02sec long live streaming for Satie’s birthday event organized by Teatro Miela in Trieste. Over 150 piano players connected from all over the world through zoom connections played the 840 vexations.


Jun 2019

Parole Ostili

Live streaming from three venues at the same time, seven cameras for a total amount of more than 16 hours of streaming on Facebook and Youtube. This are the numbers of Parole ostili one of the most important events on the web communication. Parole ostili is focused on how to write for and on the web inviting professionals and experts to share their social we experience and discuss the good