Dec 2021

ZSŠDI kliče 9

New Year’s press conference live streaming for the ZSŠDI. Studio setup at Teatro Miela (Trieste) and streamed on 3 channels simultaneously.

Series of streamings dedicated to the event Dante Hub during the 2021. More than 10 hours of live streaming during 6 months. 3 camera setup streamed on 4 differnent channels

Live streaming for the show “32 dicembre – Sconcerto di Capodanno”. The setup was a 4 camera set and controlled by an ATEM Mini Pro.

Live streaming for Tenor-Rider for the event Tenor-Rider and the spirit of Christmas. For this event I used a streaming box connected on 4G.

Live streaming for the award ceremony of the Carnival in Muggia. Due to pandemic situation the traditional award ceremony was postponed from the original date during the carnival period to a live stream.